Lee Hangjun

He is an experimental film artist from Seoul, Korea. He collects film footage and does chemical work to oxidize emulsion on film surface. He also does contact printing work by copying film into blank film to make distorted images. His performance are shown by multiple projection with at least two analog projectors in various places such as galleries and theaters. His works(with music by Hong Chulki) "Cracked Share" and "Metaphysics of Sound" are distributed by Lightcone, an experimental distributor in France. He was a programmer for Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, and teached at workshop in processing lab called Space Cell. He was also an editor at "N'avant", an experimental film magazine. He published a dvd of Carl E. Brown's film(who is an experimental film artist from Canada) and organized a exhibition of his works . From 2010 he has been performing "After Psycho Shower" with Hong Chulki and Choi Joonyong.

 website: www.hangjunlee.com

Hong Chulki, Lee Hangjun - Expanded Celluloid, Extended Phongraph (DVD, 2008: Balloon & Needle)