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Balloon & Needle is a record label based in Seoul, South Korea, run by Choi Joonyong and Hong Chulki. It was founded by members of Puredigitalsilence and Piwacot to release their split album in summer of 2000. Those members have made albums from bnn1 to bnn4, but from 2003 Balloon & Needle started release noise/experimental/improvised music curated by Choi Joonyong and Hong Chulki. This website features information not only about Balloon & Needle but also about Choi Joonyong and Hong Chulki such as their concert schedule. Currently we try to focus on releasing music from local musicians or collaborations in Korea because of limited time and money. Hopefully we can release any music we like in the future.


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If you order more than 2 releases, we give 'Signal to Noise vol.6(CD)' for free.

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