Park Seungjun

He was Born in 1986 and lives in Incheon. He started playing music as member of some anarcho-punk rock band when he was teenager. But he got bored and quit the band. During that time he saw Astronoise's live act, by which he was really shocked and motivated to make noise. In 2005 he started to play noise with Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae in concerts such as Bulgasari and Relay. He uses spring reverb, amp speaker, desk lamp, playback devices, mic to make spastic feedback. He is a member of Lobotomy, a duo with Gae Ttolttol, and a harsh noise band called Master Musik, which started from his project "Flicker Begins". He is also active as organizer of "Never Right" concert series, which features various kinds of music, from pop to noise. His duo album with Jin Sangtae was released by Manual as 5 Modules IV in 2007. Driller(duo with Choi Joonyong) was released in 2009 on Balloon & Needle.

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Park Seungjun, Jason Kahn, Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong - Dotolim (CD, 2010: Balloon & Needle)

Park Seungjun, Choi Joonyong - Driller (CD, 2009: Balloon & Needle)

Park Seungjun, Jin Sangtae - 5 modules_IV (CD-R, 2007: Manual)

Soundmuseum(museum for contemporary sound art) 'Samjung inverter electronic stand model no. SS-450'