Choi Joonyong - White Disc

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1. RP
2. CD
3. BW
4. CP
5. CB

running time: 28:32

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out of print

This album was made to show at Asian Meeting Festival, which was held in September 2005.
It was made with different cdplayers for each track, so it contains unique error sound caused by different cdplayers.
Since very small amout of copies were released, it was released again as White Disc ver.2 with 4 additional tracks and different package.

[review about White Disc ver.1 by Sato Yukie]
At Asian Meeting Festival held by Otomo Yoshihide in Tokyo September 2005, there were many Bulgasari members invited from Seoul, the concert was a great success. Across the stage there were many desks on which every kinds of electronics, machines, computers were. It was making a kind of strange atmosphere. Everyone who saw this stage had to think about the entrance of new Asian musicians. This is Choi Joonyongs solo album made according to the Festival. The jacket is very easy, only putting a CD in an envelope. But it is so surprised that this simplicity expresses substance of the album. It has five tracks, their titles are RP, CD, BW...very simple, too. This is the extreme minimal noise album that sounds very small and faintly. It is the music formed by sound particles appearing irregularly and discontinuously, or the anti-musical music refused being formed... It is the work by no one but an artist who leads Korean new generation.