Astronoise - live:SCUM in Seoul vol.4

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1. plan1 [sample]
2. plan2
3. plan3

running time: 23:38

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This album is Astronoise's first official EP,
which contains live performance at SCUM in Seoul vol.4.
All tracks were recorded directly into 4 track tape recorder.

[review by Sato Yukie]
Astronoise is the noise unit by two persons, Choi Joonyong and Hong Chulki. They are one of new generation of Korean improvisers, and the first Korean noise group. When Astronoise was formed, they were still high school students at the end of 1996. We can listen to their performance of those days on indie bands omnibus CD¡¶One Day Tours¡·(1997). And then they formed rock band ¡°Puredigitalsilence¡± with other friends. But from 2002, they restarted Astronose and they became regular members of 'Bulgasari' improvisation live series in Seoul. They play CD players, TV, video decks, computer and some kinds of electronics. Their sound is explosion noise at a certain time, and very stoic and quiet at a certain time. They change the unit name by the musical inclination. Astonoise is noise unit name, so you have to listen to this CD very loudly. This was their first performance at Bulgasari. Bulgasari is being held once or twice a month. We are very surprised that they play on incredible new idea each time. And their music is as if sound was only thrown up as it is. We can also call it the performance that touches an essential portion of improvisation. Recently they released 2nd album of Astronoise ¡¶digression/degression¡·.