Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki    

Astronoise was formed in the cold winter of late 1996, by Joonyong and Chulki who love noise and torturing guitars. Their motivation came from their love and hatred for heavy metal and alternative rock, which were very popular among high school students in those days. After several live performances at some clubs in Seoul, They found themselves being unwelcome by the owners of clubs and audiences. Of course, the circumstance has not been changed even now. For example, during their performance, someone came up to the stage and turned the amp off, because of feedback they were making. Well, this kind of hostility also became their energy for noise. However, year 1997 was the most active year for Astronoise. They participated in festivals like 'College Rock Festival' and 'Queer Film Festival'. Yellow Kitchen, who helped Astronoise in many ways, also introduced Astronoise to a record label called Gangaji, which doesn't exist any more, and that led them to contribute one track on Gangaji's compilation album 'One day tours'. Astronoise also provided some sounds from their demo tape for Delispice's song. Astronoise kept making some demos, but they distributed them only one time. In the fall of 1997 Chulki and Joonyong formed Puredigitalsilence with Yang Yongjun and Jeong Eunju. So eventually Astronoise became less active and the third member of Astronoise, Lee Jongwook who helped them during their live performance, became a leader of a band called Tremolo. However, in 1998 Chulki and Joonyong had to go to the army to do their military service for 26 months. After a few years of dark age, Astronoise came to life again through their performance at Seoul Museum of Art in the fall of 2002. In these days Chulki and Joonyong participate in 'SCUM in Seoul'(Later its name changed to Bulgasari, a live series of avant-garde music concert in Seoul) regularly as themselves or as Astronoise. They seemed to be back with sounds that make ears numb, as Sato Yukie(the organizer of Bulgasari) once said. One of exciting thing that happened to Astronoise recently was making soundtracks for their friends' films, and they are going to work on more music for more crazy films. However they are not quite sure whether that music will be released as Astronoise. In Jan of 2004 Astronoise went on a tour to Japan for the first time with Sato Yukie. They are planning to collaborate with other musicians and make more records. Their 3rd album 'supplement, complement' was released at Harshnoise label in 2006.
 (photo by Sato Yukie)

 - Feedback Composition No.1 (cassette tape, 1997)

- live:SCUM in Seoul vol.4(CD-R, 2003: Balloon & Needle)

- digression/degression (CD-R, 2004: Balloon & Needle)

- supplement, complement (CD-R, 2006: Harshnoise)

- One Day Tours  (CD, 1997: Gangaji Culture/Art) "The World (Is A Smattering Of Greek)"
- Noise To Meet You - Asia (CD-R, 2005: Simple Logic Records) "Mujue"
 - Beyond ignorance and borders 'an African, Middle-Eastern, Asian noise and electronic compilation' (CD, 2007:
 Syrphe) "01.16.05.badabie"
 - Dotolim USB (USB memory, 2012: Dotolim)
 - Benefiets for Japan (2 CDS, 2012: licht-ung)

 soundtracks for films
 - 스스로 공부하고 슬기롭게 행동하자! (director: Kim Dong Myung, 2003)
 - Light and Class (director: Kim Gok, Kim Sun, 2004)

 - digression/degression (director: Kim Gok, Kim Sun, 2008)

 at 두리반 2011.4.29 / 2011 전국자립음악가대회 '뉴타운 컬쳐파티 51+'

 at Rush 2003.12.14 with Bassanarchist, Yamanaka Kenji, Yamamoto Tatsuhisa
 at DGBD 2004.9.5