Puredigitalsilence - Circumfluence

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1. Oceanview
2. See you through your eyes

3. Almost there

4. Seaweed

5. Image eid
étique (feat. Daytripper)
6. The thaw

 running time: 71:48

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강아지 문화/예술




puredigitalsilence: 양용준 (keyboards, guitars, bass), 정은주 (drums, keyboards, voice)
                              최준용 (guitars, keyboards), 홍철기 (guitars, keyboards)
all tracks by 양용준/정은주/최준용/홍철기
except track 2 by 홍철기, track 5 by 류한길/양용준/정은주/최준용/홍철기, track 6 by 양용준/최준용
mixed by puredigitalsilence, engineered by 이한별, produced by puredigitalsilence/이한별, mastered by 이한별
recorded at 강아지 스튜디오 from dec 97 to feb 98 except track 2 and track 6
track 2 and track 6 recorded and mixed on Tascam portastudio 424, track 3 mixed on Tascam portastudio 464
photo by 배경진, sleeve design by puredigitalsilence/류진