Seoul Frequency Group

Seoul Frequency Group is another project by Choi Joonyong and Hong Chulki of Astronoise. With help from Yang Yongjun and Jeong Eunju, who were also members of Puredigitalsilence, they played in several gigs at Bulgasari under the name of Seoul Frequency Quartet. Seoul Frequency Group makes sounds from prepared CDs, which have frequencies and sound waves recorded. They also make sounds by manipulating CD players as well. Sounds that produced by malfunction of CDs and CD players are the principal materials for their music. Not only sine waves but also human voices were used during their live performances. (One of the voice track Seoul Frequency Group did was using Steve Reich's Come out, which is on Bulgasari compilation) They are using different kinds of CD players, since each CD players have their unique sounds. Joonyong and Chulki are thinking of making Seoul Frequency Group as a trio or a quintet or as an ensemble with various media/equipments and compositions

- Bulgasari 2003 0-7# compilation (CD-R, 2003: Bulgasari) "Come out (O cut me O mix)"

- Daytripper 'Brown Paper' (CD, 2004: Slowalk) " (renoise mix by SFG)"

- Unprotected (CD-R, 2003: Balloon & Needle)

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