Seoul Frequency Group - Unprotected

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1. game 1 [sample]
2. game 2-1
3. game 2-2 [sample]
4. game 2-3

 running time 38:35

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This album was made to celeberate Bulgasari Festival which was on 13 Dec 2004 and it contains performances from Bulgasari vol.8. Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Jeong Eunju, Yang Yongjun performed as Seoul Frequency Quartet at that time. Each member decided which CDs and tracks to play by 20-sided dice (game1) and random function of cdplayers (game2). This album is made to be damaged as time goes by, by a hole punctured at the end of cdr to peel the surface of cdr or to make the spin of cdr unstable in order to create sounds from error effect like skipping.(the hole is not on the data written area, so there will be no critical harm to the cd player)

[review of Bulgasari vol.8 by Sato Yukie]