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FREESPACE NOISE FEST 2024 - Jin Sangtae & Choi Joonyong
- 2024. 7.27~7.28 at The Room, West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong

Jin Sangtae & Choi Joonyong - China Tour
- aloe on-site #9: jin sangtae, choi joonyong + yan jun, zhu wenbo + zhao cong, sun yizhou, 2024/4/12(fri) pm9:00 at fruity space, beijing, admission: 100rmb
- miji concert 79: choi joonyong, jin sangtae+ sun yizhou, dahong, and documents screening soon after the show, 2024/4/13(sat) pm3:00 at studio h, beijing, reservation:
- Zacao abc Music Festival 2024: jin sangtae + choi joonyong, 2024/4/13(sat) pm8:00 at oneiro space, beijing

new release from Erstwhile Records: Choi Joonyong/Devin DiSanto - Strange Skills

Dotolim Concert_172: Graphic Score 'dotolim' - Jason Kahn, Jieun Wang, Jeong Woo Jang, Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong, Taehyun Choi
- 2023/10/14(sat) pm5:00 at Dotolim

Rope Editions presents: Negative Space at THIRD HAND - Taku Unami, Devin Disanto, Choi Joonyong
- 2023/10/07(sat) pm8:00 at Third Hand Seoul

Dotolim Concert_168: Kayon Choi / BAY CITY ROLAZ (feat. Tzu Ni) / Choi Joonyong
- 2023/08/24(thur) pm8:00 at Dotolim

Experimental Film & Video Festival in Seoul 2023 / AVP Show - 2023/07/25(tue) pm8:00 at Mullae Art Space 2F Box Theater
- Endless Strings by Choi Joonyong

Dotolim Concert_149: Fritz Welch / Choi Joonyong / Szalwia
- 2022/09/02(fri) pm8:00 at Dotolim

NEW MUSIC IN JEJU #5 - Joongganja(Kim Inkyung+Jin Sangtae), Heejin Jang, Choi Joonyong
- 2021/10/30(sat) pm7:00, 아트인명도암

언제나, 순간 - 유홍의 대금
- Hong Yoo+Jin Sangtae+Choi Joonyong, 2021/10/24(sun) pm4:00, Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater

Tone Glow Presents - Cutler/McLemore, Vytia & Nicole Vella, Devin DiSanto, Hannah Ellul & Rebecca Wilcox, Choi Joonyong, David Grubbs & Taku Unami
- 2021/06/05 pm7:00(Central), The Quarantine Concerts

- 2020/11/15(sun) pm5:00 at Seendosi, ticket 10,000won

new release from Erstwhile Records: Choi Joonyong/Jin Sangtae - Hole In My Head

astronoise contributed 2 tracks for 'Audiosphere'

Seendosi's 5th anniversary concert - Danthrax, Sikkal (postponed)
- 2020/08/21(fri) pm8:00 at Seendosi, ticket 25,000won

Tears in Heaven vol.3 - OD RI, Seo Minwoo, Choi Joonyong
- 2020/01/17(fri) pm8:00 at Seendosi, ticket 15,000

ORANGE EXTREME Vol.1 - Our Wrongs, astronoise, Fecundation, Korose, Duoxini
- 2019/12/20(fri) pm7:30 at Orange Studio

60Hz CHORUS - Choi Taehyun/Park Daham/Goh-woo/Jang Sunggun/Choi Joonyong/Choi Yeong/Shin Hyejin/Lee Byoungjae/Hong Chulki/Wholesome
- 2019/11/18(mon) pm6:00 at Culture Station Seoul 284, free admission

Tears in Heaven vol.2 - Pierre Pierre Pierre, bela, Vomit & Tear
- 2019/11/08(frj) pm8:00 at Seendosi, ticket: 15,000won

Jin Sangtae and Choi Joonyong at Cafe Oto (London, UK)
- 2019/10/06(sun) pm2:00

ame piazza residency 2019 with Jin Sangtae + Choi Joonyong
at (dai) hall at the piazza (Huddersfield, UK)
- 2019/10/05(sat) pm5:30: Exhibition Opening - talk + performance with guest Luciano Maggiore and Louie Rice (£5)
- 2019/10/05(sun)~10/09(wed) am11:00~pm5:00: exhibition (free)
- 2019/10/09(wed) pm7:00~ pm9:30: exhibition closing - Q&A + performance with guest Linda Jankowska and Colin Frank (£5)

ZÜRICH MEETS SEOUL 'Sunset / Sunrise Concert' - Tomas Korber, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong
- 2019/09/29(sun) pm6:00~pm8:00 at Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture

VOID(0) vol.3 : Choi Joonyong
- 2019/07/27(sat) pm8:00 at VOID(0)

Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong live in Vietnam
- 2019/03/21(thur) pm8:30 at Heritage Space with local musicians
- 2019/03/23(sat) pm2:30 ~ 3/24(sun) pm2:30 at Đáo Xuân Festival with over 300 artists


Dotolim Concert_124: Jeonghyeon JOO / CHOI Joonyong + JIN Sangtae / Taehyun CHOI
- 2019/02/15(fri) pm8:00 at Dotolim

DAS NUBIK, VOMIT & TEAR - album release concert
- 2018/12/30(sun) pm8:00 at Seendosi with SIKKAL, GAWTHROP

puredigitalsilence's [circumfluence] vinyl re-issue event - documentary screening & concert
- 2018/12/23(sun) pm7:00 at Mudaeruk, admission: 15,000won(40,000won including vinyl)
vinyl released by Daehan Electronics

negative space - Sim Daeseop's exhibition [stone like water] closing event
- Rémi Klemensiewicz, Cho Jungyeon, Choi Joonyong
- 2018/11/03(sat) pm8:00 at alter.ego, admission: 10,000won(1 free drink)
curated by OFF-STATE

Dotolim Concert_118: (Nikola Mounoud), Puresuun, Jung Changgyun, Choi Joonyong
- 2018/10/12(fri) pm8:00 at Dotolim

Monarch! live in Seoul
- 2018/10/05(fri) pm7:00 at Mudaeruk with Vomit & Tear, PAKK, Monotheism
- 2018/10/06(sat) pm7:00 at GBN Live House with Gonguri, Leper Temple, Smoking Barrels, Pariah

EXIS 2018 opening ceremony - 2018/07/12(thur) pm7:00 at Korean Film Archive
- Toh Hun Ping Athlete with sound performance by Choi Joonyong
- Greg Pope SYZYGY (film performance) with sound performance by Hong Chulki
- Jean-Daniel Pollet L ordre

Quick-Die w/ Yearning Kru(from Taiwan), BRF(from japan), DANTHRAX
- 2018/05/13(sun) pm7:00 at Cosmos Wholesale, ticket: 10,000won

Sedem Minút Strachu - noise from Slovakia
- 2018/04/26(thur) pm8:00 at Mudaeruk, ticket: 15,000won - Sedem Minút Strachu, Vomit & Tear, Kim Changhee, Cho Jungyeon, Seo MinWoo, Magical Mirai
- 2018/04/27(fri) pm8:00 at GBN 'Hwagana Fest 2018' - Sedem Minút Strachu, LxPxPx, KJP47, Octopoulpe, Paohoo, Martyr

David Grubbs & Taku Unami ALIVE in SEOUL
- 2018/03/25(sun) pm7:00 at Seendosi, ticket: 20,000won - David Grubbs, Taku Unami + Vomit & Tear, SLANT, zzp zzp
- 2018/03/27(tue) pm8:00 at Dotolim, ticket: 15,000won(member 10,000won) - David Grubbs + Taku Unami, Il Hoon Son + Dey Kim, Seo MinWoo, Miki Yui
- 2018/03/28(wed) pm7:00 at Art Sonje Center, ticket: 5,000won - Lecture by David Grubbs Record Ruin the Landscape: John Cage, the Sixties, and Sound Recording

Dotolim Concert_109: Choi Joonyong (guest: Dambi Kim)
- 2018/02/23(fri) pm8:00 at Dotolim, ticket: 15,000won(member free)

Experimental Mixed Media Performance Regulations
- 2018/01/26(fri) pm9:00 at Alley Sound, ticket: 10,000won
- Choi Joonyong, Shin Hye Jin, Yoo Jung Wook, Shin Chang Yong with Pureuna Kim, Yun Seung Ho

문래동 감성 헤비니스
- 2017/12/16(sat) pm7:30 at GBN Live House, ticket: 15,000won(+ 1 free drink)
- Vomit & Tear, Monotheism, Voo Doo, Pakk

Dotolimpic 2017
- 2017/11/10(fri),11(sat),12(sun) at Mullae Art Factory
- KAWAGUCHI Takahiro, Nigel BROWN, Noid, Damirat, dotolim improvisation meeting, Dennis WONG, lo wie, RYU Hankil, Riar RIZALDI, Rie NAKAJIMA, Martin KAY, Mullae Resonance, Michael THIEKE, Kevin PARKS, VENTIL, SEGMENTS GENESis, Sabina Hyoju AHN, Alice Hui-Sheng CHANG, Feral Choir, Joseph YOUNG, CHO Inchul + CHOI Sehee, CHO Jungyeon + Hyungjoong KIM, Joe FOSTER, JIN Sangtae, CHOI Joonyong, Kostis KILYMIS, Christián ALVEAR, Klaus FILIP, Taku UNAMI, Paed CONCA, Porta Chiusa, Phil MINTON, Hans KOCH, Rémi KLEMENSIEWICZ, HONG Chulki, 12 dog cycle

Mullae Resonance 2017 sound art workshop 'sounding/amplifying bodies
- 2017/10/31~11/09 at
- session 1 Rie Nakajima : workshop(10/31(tue) ~11/02(thur)), performace(11/03(fir) pm8:00) with Choi Joonyong
- session 2 Phil Minton s Feral Choir : workshop(11/07(tue) ~11/09(thur)), performance(11/10(fri) pm8:00)

A - Melting Pot
- 2016/09/15 ~ 09/24 at UJEONGGUK with Yan Jun, Martinus Indra Hermawan a.k.a. To Die, Dawang Huang
- opening performace(2017/09/15 pm7:30) : Choi Joonyong, Yan Jun, Martinus Indra Hermawan a.k.a. To Die

Napalm Death is Dead Korea Tour 2017
- 2017/09/02(sat) pm7:00 at GBN Live House: Choi Joonyong, Paohoo, Nahu, LPP - Little Puppy Princess, KJP47, Napalm Death is Dead, Mondo Corea(Cinema Ziok)
- 2017/09/03(sun) pm7:00 at Club SHARP: Tear Gas, Fecundation, 서울불바다(fake Bamseom Pirates), Dead is Napalm Death, The Kitsches, Arryam, LPP - Little Puppy Princess, Napalm Death is Dead

Independent Film Showcase: 음악영화/영화음악, 소리에서 노이즈까지
- Suicidal Variations(director: Goksa, music: Hong Chulki), digression/degression((director: Goksa, music: Astronoise), Hwapo(director: Byounglae Park, music: Choi Joonyong) - 2017/08/18(fri) pm7:30 at Korean Film Archive
- 내가 처한 연극(8/18, 16:30), 옥주기행(8/19, 14:30), 밤섬해적단 서울불바다(8/19, 19:00)

- 2017/08/17(thur) pm9:00 at The Edge, ticket: 10,000won

Dotolim Concert_104: Ilan Volkov + Choi Joonyong, Han-Earl Park, Hong Chulki + Mario De Vega
- 2016/06/26(mon) pm8:00 at Dotolim, ticket: 15,000won

WATMM live_43: Jin Sangtae, Seoul Frequency Group
- 2017/06/24(sat) pm8:00 at Mudaeruk, ticket: 10,000won

- 2017/06/02(fri) pm8:00 at Club SHARP: Sete Star Sept, 회기동 단편선, 헬리비젼, DJ ㅇㅇ
- 2017/06/03(sat) pm7:00 at GBN Live House : Sete Star Sept, Astronise, Vomit & Tear, Nahu, LPP, Sulsa, 석규, Spot the Find, DJ ㅇㅇ

- 2017/05/09(tue) pm6:00 at Seendosi, ticket: 15,000won

UNSTABLE. ALLIANCES: Kim Suntae solo exhibition opening
- Joe Foster, Kevin Parks, Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Gamin
- 2017/04/29(sat) pm5:00 at Gallery Choi

- Mei Zhiyong, (a.k.a. Nikola Mounoud), Kazehito Seki, Hong Chulki + Kim Changhee, Jin Sangtae + Rémi Klemensiewicz, Vomit & Tear
- 2017/04/26(wed) pm9:00 at GBN Live House, ticket: 15,000won

- 2017/03/24(fri) pm8:00 at The Edge, door: 10,000won

Astronoise / Vomit & Tear live in Japan
- 2017/02/17(fri) pm7:30 at Hopken, Osaka: Taku Unami+Masafumi Ezaki, Astronoise, Vomit & Tear
- 2017/02/19(sun) pm2:30 at pool, Tokyo: THEY LIVE(Taku Unami+Masahiko Okura), Astronoise with Takahiro Kawaguchi, Hong Chulki, Vomit & Tear

- 2017/01/22(sun) pm7:00 at Seendosi

Sul9b & Disrotted live in Korea 2017 at GBN Live House
- 2017/01/13(fri) pm7:30: Vomit & Tear, Octopoulpe, LxPxP, Su19b(from Japan), Disrotted(from USA)
- 2017/01/14(sat) pm6:30: Krippled, The Kitches, Arryam, Fecundation, Nahu, Gonguri, Disrotted, Su19b

Davide Tidoni's concert & workshop
concert: 2016/10/01(sat) pm7:00 at Ujeongguk with Choi Taehyun+Jin Sangtae, Choi Sehee+Cho Inchul, Choi Joonyong+Rémi Klemensiewicz
workshop: 2016/10/08(sat) 10/09(sun) pm1:00~pm7;00 at Dotolim

SOUNDS LIKE SHIT vol.1: Vomit & Tear, KJP47, Hybrid Drop Bomber, Shining Cocks, One Day More
- 2016/06/25(sat) pm7:00 at GBN Live House

서울의 비명(전국자립음악가대회 51+ FESTIVAL 전야제): Hong Chulki+Park Daham+Taehyun Choi
- 2016/04/30(sat) pm8:00 at 옥바라지 골목 구본장 여관앞

Dotolim Concert_85: Nicolas Collins, Jisoon Lim, Taehyun Choi, Hong Chulki
- 2016/03/25(fri) pm8:30 at Dotolim

Biki's exhibition
- 2016/02/27(sat) 13:00〜21:00 (19:30~20:04 - with performance by Nakamura Yui) at Ujeongguk, ticket: 3,000won
related concert: Biki, Nakamura Yui, Makoto Oshiro + Jin Sangtae, Satoshi Kanda + Choi Joonyong, Ryu Hankil
- 2016/02/28(sun) pm7:00 at Ujeongguk, ticket : 15,000won

The 10th Anniversary Remembrance of Nam June Paik [Utopian Laser TV Station]
2016/01/29~31 at Nam Jun Paik Art Center(Lobby)
memorial event, screening, performance(1/29 pm5:00: Hyoung San JUN, Baja Woo, Choi Joonyong)

Lee Hangjun & Hong Chulki - live performance at US
- 2016/01/23 pm8:00 at The Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts (Chicago), presented by LAMPO
- 2016/01/25 pm8:00 at Artist Space (New York), presented by Issue Project Room
- 2016/01/28 pm8:00 at Le Laboratoire Cambridge (Cambridge) presented by Non-event & Balagan

Dotolim Concert_83: Katharina Ernst / Choi Joonyong / Jin Sangtae / Ryu Hankil / Hong Chulki
- 2015/12/11 pm8:00 at Dotolim(

Kevin Drumm, Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki - Normal

Dotolim Concert_80: The International Nothing / Ryu Hankil / Choi Joonyong / Jin Sangtae
- 2015/11/11 pm8:30 at Dotolim(

Dotolim Concert_79: Martin Kay / Ilan Volkov / Ryu Hankil / Hong Chulki
- 2015/10/31 pm7:00 at Dotolim(

Zothique & Guevnna Korea Tour 2015
2015/09/18, Club Realize, Busan - Sulsa, Gonzo, Bullet Ant, Zothique
2015/09/19, Mullae Space Mun, Seoul - Gonguri, Vomit & Tear, Huqueymsaw, Scumraid, Fecundation, Zothique, Guevnna
2015/09/20, Nori Bar, Seoul - My Man Mike, Christfuck, Gonguri, Guevnna, Zothique

Dotolim Concert_76/77: Toshimaru Nakamura / Kevin Parks / Hong Chulki / Ryu Hankil / Jin Sangtae
- 2015/08/29(sat), 08/30(sun) pm8:00 at Dotolim(

Counter Production - lecture & workshop by Hong Chulki
- 2015/08/18(tue),08/19(wed) pm3:00~pm5:00 at The Book Society

EXIS 2015: 화포(Hwapo)_Park Byoung-Lae
- EX-NOW 5: 2015/08/25(tue) pm4:00~pm5:30 at Korean Film Archive

Dotolim Concert_73/74 : Petr Vrba, Tim Blechmann, Nick Hoffman, Simon Whetham, Ryu Hankil, Cho Jung Yeon, Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki
- 2015/06/26(fri) pm8:30, 2015/06/27(sat) pm8:00 at Dotolim(

FOR HEAVEN S SAKE : POPE X POPE, Odaeri, Choi Tae Hyun, Vomit & Tear
- 2015/05/30(sat) pm7:00 at Club Bbang

- 2015/05/22(fri) pm8:00 at Apiary Studios, London

- 2015/05/19(tue) at pm8:00 at Cafe Oto, London

Movielab #4 : Lee Hangjun & Hong Chulki
- 2015/05/18(mon) at pm8:00 at Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

Dotolim Concert_71: Mikko Savela, Ryu Hankil, Hong Chulki
- 2015/05/08(fri) pm8:00 at Dotolim(

contemporary Non-music vol.10 : Noise Garden – screening
- Noise Garden (2014/color/Stereo/48mins/HD) video : Park Byung Lae, performance : Choi Joonyong | produced by Artspace Donquixote
- Seoul at Dotolim, 2015/02/27(fri) pm8:00
- Suncheon at Artspace Donquixote, 2015/03/04(wed) pm8:00
- Busan at The Corner Theater, 2015/03/06(fri) pm7:30

amenohi concert #33 : Kou Katsuyoshi, Pilot Ryu, Park Daham
- 2015/02/22(sun) pm7:30 at Amenohi Cafe

Dotolim Concert_68 : LIVE – Kevin Parks, Jin Sangtae, Hong Chulki
- 2015/02/07(sat) pm8:00 at Dotolim(

Dotolim Concert_67: Park Joowon, Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki
- 2015/01/10(sat) pm8:00 at Dotolim(

캄캄 - Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae, Ryu Hankil, Choi Sehee, Olaf Hochherz, Reaction Power Trio, Remi Klemensiewicz
- 2014/11/29(sat) pm7:00 at 683-139 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul)

Phantom Schoolgirl Army(film/sound performance) - Lee Hangjun, Okkyung Lee, Hong Chulki
- 2014/11/14(fri) pm8:00 at Korean Film Archive)

Dotolim Concert_65: Jun Hyoung San+Hyunju Woo / Baja Woo+Choi Joonyong
- 2014/11/08(sat) pm8:00 at Dotolim(

- interview about Balloon & Needle's album design by Choi Joonyong

염산목욕캠페인 - 2014/10/11(sat) at Three Thumbs
- Vomit & Tear, Master MusiK, 방광결석절개술, Hong Chulki+Jang Jung Woo, Sulsa

Black Packers, Staer(From Norway) Live in Seoul - 2014/09/10(wed) at Mudaeruk, ticket 10,000won
- Black Packers, Staer, 괴뢰무당, Park Daham+Jin Sangtae+Choi Joonyong, Ryu Hankil+Hong Chulki

Soondoongi Extreme vol.2 - 2014/07/12(sat) at Space Moon, fee 10,000

Dotolim Concert_56: Bang Jooyoon + Choi Joonyong
- 2014/06/14(sat) pm8:00 at Dotolim(

Balloon & Needle Compilation - music made with balloon and/or needle

Dotolim Concert_55: Matija Schellander, Mikko Savela, Lee Miyeon, Hong Chulki
- 2014/05/30(fri) pm8:00 at Dotolim(

dotolim live series - 01: Hong Chulki, Tetuzi Akiyama, Jin Sangtae

Hong Chulki, Ryu Hankil - Objets Infernaux

- 국립현대미술관, 2014/05/23~05/25
- 가이 셔윈, 린 루, 그렉 폽, 타쿠 스기모토, 다케시 이케다, 모에 카무라, 라이오넬 파룬, 에티엔 카이에, 마티야 슐렌더, 최준용, 스클라벤탄츠(최정훈&조용훈), 사비에 퀘렐, 제롬 노팅거, 그리스토프 어거, 앤소니 맥콜, 케빈 드럼, 위르겐 레블, 토마스 코너, A Typist(류한길, 김태용, 로위에), 타쿠 우나미, 홍철기

SETE STAR SEPT Korea Tour 2014
day 1: 2014/05/03(sat) pm7:30 at Yogiga, ticket: 10,000won
- Vomit and Tear, Gonguri, Fecundation, Mymanmike, Sete Star Sept

day 2: 2014/05/04(sun) pm7:00 at Club Realize, ticket: 10,000won
- Gonguri, GWAMEGI, Manixive, Sete Star Sept

day 3: 2014/05/05(mon) pm7:00 at Jarip HQ, ticket: 10,000won
- Nahu, Banran, Scumraid, Bamseom Pirates, Sete Star Sept

day 4: 2014/05/06(tue) pm7:30 at AA Studio, ticket: 10,000won
- Dead Gakkas, Yuppie Killers, Kitches, Find the spot, Sete Star Sept

[exhibition] Total Recall
- Ilmin Museum of Art, 2014/04/11~2014/06/08
- 김소영, 김경만, PARKing CHANce(박찬욱+박찬경), 배윤호, 안건형, 옥인콜렉티브, Lee Hangjun+Hong Chulki, 정윤석, 차재민
- opening performance: Lee Hangjun+Hong Chulki, 2014/04/10(thur) pm6:00

- 2014/03/14(fri) pm8:00 at Mullae Art Factory
- The Great (Makoto Oshiro, Satoshi Yashiro, Takahiro Kawaguchi), Atsuhiro Ito, Odaeri, Choi Joonyong, Wedance
curated by Daham Park+LUFTZUG

Festival CABLE#7
- 2014/02/21~23 at Nantes, France

- 2014/02/08(sat) at 조광사진관/자립본부
- 헬리비젼, 김오키 동양청년, 단편선과 선원들, 아나킨 프로젝트, astronoise + Kwon Yongman

Dotolim concert_52: A Jae + Hong Chulki
- 2014/01/25(sat) pm8:00 at Dotolim(

침묵을 듣기, 침묵에 말 걸기 3: 꿈처럼 흐르는 프리즈마
- screening & talk: Lim Chul Min, Hong Chulki - 2014/01/24(fri) pm7:30 at Korean Film Archive

contemporary Non-music vol.8
Suncheon- film screening, 2014/01/17(fri) at Art Space Donquixote, ticket 5,000won
Busan-film screening + performance(Lee Hangjun, Yoo Unsung, Hong Chulki), 2014/01/18(sat) at 모퉁이극장, ticket 15,000won

- 2014/01/19(sun) at SPACE MOON, ticket 10,000won

2013 Bissantrophy Records Year-End Label Show
- 2013/12/21(sat) at Studio JOKWANG / Jarip
- 파괴왕, Choi Joonyong, Choi Taehyun, Park Jun Bum, Haaazy Shaaaman

ODAERI <국풍 '13> album release showcase
- 2013/12/13(fri),12/14(sat) pm7:00 at Mullae Art Factory
13 : ODAERI, VOMIT & TEAR, Haaazy Shaaaman, Monami, 구스타포, MIIIN, DJ Oyester
14 : DJ Tafka Buddah, 전용현, Sticker, 기술부, CONG VU, SSS, 뚜레죽음
with VJ 세애, VJ 오긔, VJ Jemma

Music Unlimited 27 curated by Okkyung Lee
- 2013/11/08,09,10 at Wels, Austria
- Urs Leimgruber & Roger Turner & Axel Dorner & Achim Kaufmann, Hong Chulki & Jin Sangtae & Billy Roisz, JD Zazie, Lasse Marhaug & Kjell Bjorgeengen, Body/Head[Kim Gordon & Bill Nace]. Ikue Mori, dj l8, Greg Pope, Okkyung Lee, Lisa Ullen & Nina de Heney & Lotte Anker & Mark Sanders, Thomas Lehn & Marcus Schmickler, John Hegre & Greg Pope, JD Zazie, C Spencer Yeh & Chris Corsano & Stine Janvin Motland, Moe[Guro Skumsnes Moe & Havard Skaset & Joakim Heib ], Dennis Tyfus, Alessandro Bosetti, Le Quan Ninh, Cellule d'Intervention Metamkine[Xavier Querel & Christophe Auger & Jerome Noetinger], Jacques Demierre & Dorothea Schurch & Dieb13 & Ryu Hankil, Okkyung Lee & Lindha Kallerdahl & Paul Lovens, Deoneum Ensemble[Park Jong Ho & Park Chong Hun & Jeong Kwan Yoon & Kim Si Won & Lee Kang il] & Evan Parker, Dj Surprise

Dotolimpic  2013
- 2013/10/25(fri),26(sat),27(sun) at Mullae Art Factory(2F box theater)
- Kawaguchi Takahiro, Kwon Byungjun, Taeyong Kim, Noid, Lo Wie, Luciano Maggiore, Ryu Hankil, Matija Schellander, Kevin Parks, Sam Pettigrew, Seijiro Murayama, Attila Faravelli, Andreas Trobollowitsch, Alessandro Bosetti, Alexander Sigman, Enrico Malatesta, Odaeri, Olaf Hochherz, Lee Miyeon, Okkyung Lee, Lee Hangjun, Jason Kahn, Joe Foster, Jin Sangtae, Sehee Choi, Choi Joonyong, Tim Olive, Hong Chulki

STRATI: Dotolimpic special workshop
- presented by Luciano Maggiore & Enrico Malatesta
- 2013/10/24(thur) pm1:00~pm7:00 at Mullae Art Factory(2F box theater)

Mujanhyang concert vol.4
- 2013/10/09(wed) pm8:00 at Saii
- Phil Minton, Okkyung Lee, Alessandro Bosseti, Hong Chulki

Typojanchi 2013: Hangul Day Eve Festival < Before Writing, After Speaking>
performance - 2013/10/08(tue) pm7:30 at Culture Station Seoul 284, curated by Hong Chulki
- Choi Joonyong(w. Jin Sangtae): "bounce.befall", Lee Hangjun/Kim Tae-yong: "L Anticoncept", Phil Minton's "Feral Choir"
workshop: Phil Minton's "Feral Choir" - 2013/10/06(sun)~10/07(mon) at Culture Station Seoul 284

'Hong Chulki + Aaron Dilloway' new release from Idiopathic Records

Open Set: The Devil is in the Details at Arko Art Center
2013/09/11(wed) pm4:00 - workshop by Paul Modler, Lorenz Schwarz
2013/09/13(fri) pm7:00 - performance by Hong Chulki with Bang & Lee, Lorenz Schwarz, Lee Hangjun, Paul Modler
2013/09/14(sat) pm8:00 - performance by Lorenz Schwarz, Ryu Hankil, Modler + Schwarz + Bang & Lee

Hong Chulki, Ryu Hankil at Mainz, Germany
2013/08/03 - with Jung-sun Kim(dance)
2013/08/05 - with Jung-sun Kim(dance) & Tobias Ullrich(drums)
2013/08/23~25 - "Theatermaschine – Andauernd Nullpunkt"
- with Jung-sun Kim (dance) & Lappiyul Park(scenograph) at Max-born Strasse 5, 55129, Mainz-hechtsheim
2013/08/30 - Hong Chulki & Will Guthrie at Blockhaus 10, Nantes, France

Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival 2013 / 방해
- 2013/07/06(sat) pm5:00 at Dokkakki, ticket: 15,000won
- Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong

Mujanhyang Concert
- 2013/06/10(mon) pm8:00 at The Book Society
- Lee Hangjun, Jin Sangtae, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong

ticket: 10,000won, presented by Mujanhyang, supported by Goethe Institute

동시대 비-음악 일곱 번째 - NOise garden : Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong
- 2013/06/08(sat) pm8:00 at 상상문화발전소1839 (Suncheon)
ticket: 10,000won, presented by Artspace Donquixote

Dotolim Concert_44 : Hong Chulki II
- 2013/05/31(fri) pm8:00 at Dotolim(

Tim Blechmann - Sine tempore
- 2013/05/16(thur) pm8:00 at Dotolim : Tim Blechmann, Conny Zenk, Jin Sangtae, Ryu Hankil
- 2013/05/18(sat) pm7:00 at Mullae Art Factory : Tim Blechmann, Conny Zenk, Dydsu, Ryu Hankil, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong
ticket: 15,000won, presented by Mujanhyang, supported by Goethe Institute

- 2013/05/14(tue) pm8:00 at alt space Moon, ticket: 10,000won
with Park Daham+Choi Taehyun, Kwon Yongman+Hong Chulki, Vomit & Tear

- 2013/05/15(wed) pm8:00 at
Mudaeruk, ticket: 10,000won
with Dydsu+Jin Sangtae, Madame Jang+Hong Chulki, Scumraid

족보없는 공연 - 2013/05/11(sat) pm8:00 at 3Thumbs, ticket: 10,000won
Kalbbang (Grindcore), Sea Falcon(Jotbob Metal), My Man Mike(Thrashcore), Sampoong(Doom Metal), Astronoise(Noise)

Manfred Werder's Typist
- 2013/04/25(thur) pm8:00 at Dotolim : Manfred Werder solo
- 2013/04/26(fri) pm8:00 at Bar : Manfred Werder with A.Typist
ticket: 15,000won, presented by Mujanhyang, organized by the manual

Grovel (@myulchinoise) + VOMIT & TEAR + Hong Chulki/Choi Joonyong/Park Daham
- 2013/04/14(sun) pm7:00 at LOWRISE

SETE STAR SEPT Korea Tour 2013
day 1: 3.21 @ Seoul Yogiga Gallery / PM 8:00 / 10,000won
- Manpasikjuk, Find The Spot, Korea Corrections, Huqueymsaw, Sete Star Sept

day 2: 3.23 @ Seoul CCOTT DDANG / PM 7:00 / 10,000won
- All I Have, GWAMEGI, Hound, Quackurologist, Lazarus Vendetta, Sete Star Sept

day 3: 3.23 @ Seoul CCOTT DDANG / PM 7:00 / 10,000won
- Sampoong, Scumraid, Nahu, Banran, Sete Star Sept

day 4: 3.24 @ Seoul Salon Badabie / PM 5:00 / 15,000won + with Christfuck NEW EP RELEASE SHOW
- dokkaebi assault, find the spot, skald, Huqueymsaw, the veggers, astronoise, nahu, scumraid, mymanmike, seoulmothers, 49 morphines, christfuck, Sete Star Sept

Lee Hangjun's exhibition [Siting Cinema] - 2013/03/02 ~ 2013/03/14 at Kunst Doc
- performance: 2013/03/02 pm5:00 - Lee Hangjun+Yoo Woon Sung, 2013/03/09 pm2:00 - Lee Hangjun+Ryu Hankil

US tour
2013/02/07~08, CEAIT Festival at REDCAT, LA - Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong, Bonnie Jones, Keith Fullerton Whitman
2013/02/09, LAMPO concert at Graham Foundation, Chicago - Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong
2013/02/11, Issue Project Room concert at Light Industry, New York - Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong
2013/02/12, Non-Event concert at Washington Street Art Center, Somerville - Hong Chulki, Bryan Eubanks, Judy Dunaway
2013/02/13, Three Solos: Hong Chulki, Jason Lascallet, Bryan Eubanks at Hampshire College, Amherst
2013/02/14, Philadelphia Sound Forum concert at AUX/Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia - Hong Chulki, Bryan Eubanks, Ruez, Sebastian Darkly Petsu
2013/02/15, Crow With No Mouth concert at Studio Z, Saint Paul - Hong Chulki, Jason Zeh
2013/02/21, workshop & talk by Hong Chulki at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (organized by Nicolas Collins)
2013/02/22, Modern Music Guild concert at Oberlin College, Oberlin - Hong Chulki, Aaron Dilloway, Ross Chait, Myles Emmons

new release from Balloon & Needle  'Takahiro Kawaguchi, Choi Joonyong - Suncheon Hyanggyo'

19금 Performance Relay - Hong Chulki, 이수성/최태현, 이대일, 배종헌, VALETPARKING, 이영준/박카로, Michelangelo Pistoletto Band, 정금형, 최춘성, 홍성민, Project OZ
- 2012/12/28(fri) pm6:30 at Seokyo Art Experiment Center

선택 2012 - 병1신들, 자이언트베어, 흑염소, 삼풍, 교정본부, Hong Chulki+Madam Jang, FIND THE SPOT
- 2012/12/19(wed) pm6:00 at LOWRISE

Goksa + Hong Chulki 'digression/degression' live performance

Nicolas Collin Workshop - 2012/11/10,11,12 at LOWRISE
presented by Balloon & Needle, LOWRISE, supported by ZOOPASOO

Lee Hangjun's performance in Europe
2012/11/28 at Mire in Nantes, FRANCE
2012/11/01 at Grrndzero in Lyon, France
2012/10/26 at Bozar Cinema in Brussels, Belgium
2012/10/18 at Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival in Lausanne, Switzerland
2012/10/16 at 102, Grenoble, France
2012/10/15 at Cinema Spoutnik in Geneve, Switzerland

Dotolimpic  2012
- 2012/10/19,20,21 at Mullae Art Factory 2F(box theater)
- Maja Osojnik, Matija Schellander, Sato Yukie, Park Daham, Kevin Parks, Joe Foster, Odaeri, João Castro Pinto, Jin Sangtae, Makino Takuma, Matthias Erian, Renato Ciunfrini, Hong Chulki, Okkyung Lee, Alessandro Bosetti, Gift Fig (Alfred 23 Harth + Carl Stone), Choi Joonyong, Ryu Hankil, Enrico Malatesta, Will Guthrie, Mullae Resonance II
- presented by Dotolim,  supported by Mullae Art Factory, Australia Council for the Arts, Balloon & Needle, Manual, Celadon Records

Benefiets for Japan - double cd compilation  from licht-ung (with a track by Astronoise)

Dotolim Concert_36 : Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, JIn Sangtae, Choi Joonyong
- 2012/08/30(thur) pm8:00 at Dotolim(

Performance Machine ver.2 : Simon Whetham, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Kevin Parks, Hong Chulki, L'ange with DANTHRAX without DYDSU
- 2012/07/28(sat) pm7:00 at LOWRISE ticket: 20,000won

Dotolim Concert_33/Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival 2012 : INFERIOR SOUNDS - Ryu Hankil, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong
- 2012/07/14(sat) pm7:00 at Dotolim(

DJ Topgear(from UK), Kwon Byung Jun, 불량통신(주), DANTHRAX/우구루
- 2012/06/29(fri) pm8:00 at LOWRISE ticket: 15,000won

Robbie Avenaim, Odaeri, DANTHRAX, 홍대조개친구
- 2012/05/20(sun) pm7:30 at LOWRISE ticket: 15,000won

Hong Chulki/Ryu Hankil/Nick Hoffman - Sonne (new LP from Pilgrim Talk)

DANTHRAX(CD, new project by Choi Joonyong) from TRIGGER! out 2012/05/20

Dotolim USB
Astronoise, Hong CHulki, Choi Joonyong, Joe Foster, Jin Sangtae, Ryu Hankil, Jason Kahn,
Tetuzi Akiyama, Lee Hangjun, Olaf Hochherz, Jamie Drouin, Kevin Parks, Transistorhead

Fukushima!(double CD digipack) from Presqu'ile Records
Annette Krebs, Chris Abrahams, Burkhard Beins, Choi Joonyong, Jin Sangtae, Hong Chulki, Joe Foster, Greg Kelley, John Tilbury, Mural, Magda Mayas, Mark Wastell, Jonathan McHugh, Michael Pisaro, Greg Stuart

available from The Book Society in Seoul
100% of the the sales of this record will benefit Japan Society's Japan Earthquake Refief Fund

MANIF D'ART 'The Quebec City Biennial' (May 3 ~ June 3, 2012)
Phonographes vinylises curated by Martin Tetreault

Lee Hangjun's 'Why Does The Wind Blow' has won an award at Jeonju International Film Festival 2012

Lee Hangjun's performance and workshop in Hong Kong

School of Creative Media
City University of Hong Kong
Spring Program: Artist-in-Residence

Lee Hangjun 李幸俊
performance/presentation, workshop

May 16 (WED) 19:00 – 21:00 M1060 Multimedia Theatre
The Projectors and Film Walk 16mm Film Multi-Projection Performance
The Projectors 與 Film Walk 16 米厘多重投映表演
After Psycho Shower 16mm Optical Sound Head performance Improvisation(featuring Dickson Dee)
After Psycho Shower 16 米厘光學聲軌即興表演(李勁松特別表演)

May 15 (TUE) 14:30 – 18:30 M1056 Video Production Studio
16mm Film Hand-drawn Soundtrack Workshop 1
16 米厘手繪聲帶工作室(一)

May 18 (FRI) 14:30 – 18:30 M1056 Video Production Studio
16mm Film Hand-drawn Soundtrack Workshop 2
16 米厘手繪聲帶工作室(二)

article about The Cracked Share(by Lee Hangjun, Hong Chulki) on Continent.

showcase : 2012/04/07(sat) pm7:00
- Kwon Byungjun, Ryu Hankil, Transistorhead, Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki
compilation CD : supplementary cd to Art in Culture magazine(issue 2012/4)
- Kwon Byungjun, Ryu Hankil, Mimyo, Joo Won Park, SklavenTanz,, Jin Sangtae, Swann Che, Choi Joonyong, Transistorhead, Hong Chulki
workshop : Kwon Byungjun, Ryu Hankil, Swann Che

TRIGGER _ Showcase : Transistorhead, Ryu Hankil, Danthrax
2012/03/17(sat) pm7:00 at The Book Society

Dotolim Concert_28 : Tim Olive, Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae
2012/03/03(sat) pm7:00 at Dotolim(

Dotolim Concert_29 : Olaf Hochherz, Otomo Yoshihide, Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong
2012/03/11(sun) pm7:00 at Dotolim(

L'ange with Otomo Yoshihide, Olaf Hochherz, Jin Sangtae,
- 2012/03/10(sat) at LOWRISE

Dotolim Concert_26 : Odaeri, Choi Joonyong
2012/01/14(sat) pm7:00 at Dotolim( entrance fee: 10.000won

new online release :                                                                         

Hong Chulki's Interview on Personal Best #1 from Marhaug Forlag
available at The Book Society in Seoul
Conversation between Hong Chulki & Kwon Yongman on Domino #1

new recording by Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Ryu Hankil

from Audition Records


new release from Celadon Records 'HONG CHULKI, JIN SANGTAE, AND KEVIN PARKS - 音影'

자립음악생산조합 presents 'Despair Concert' - 2011/12/31(sat) pm7:00 at Club DGBS
- Hong Chulki+Madame Jang, 악어들, Hated(ex-'황금딜도'), 밤섬해적단, Cunttlefish, 회기동 단편선, The Hitchhikers, 꿈에 카메라를 가져올걸, Christfuck, 박플라넷, No Respect For Beauty, No Control, 김대중, The Beggars, 야마가타 트윅스터, 병1신들

Lee Hangjun, Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki performing   After Psycho Shower & Film Walk 
- 2011/12/16(fri) pm8:00 at LOWRISE

SOUND TRIANGLE in Netherlands and Germany : presented by LIG & STEIM - Ryu Hankil, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong, Swann Che, Kwon Byungjun
- 2011/11/07~17 residency (11/08 presentation) at STEIM in Amsterdam
- 11/09(wed) live performance at Worm in Rotterdam
- 11/14(mon) live performance at King George in Koln
- 11/15(tue) presentation at KHM in Koln
- 11/16(wed) live performance at Intro in situ in Maastricht
- 11/17(thur) live performance at SMART PROJECT SPACE in Amsterdam

Choi Joonyong & Hong Chulki live performance in Brussels, Belgium
- 2011/11/20(sun) at La Cellule 133a presented by There is Still a Body

Choi Joonyong & Hong Chulki live performance in Italy
- 2011/11/22(tue) at Nero su Bianco in Cesena
- 11/23(wed) at Tesco in Faenza
- 11/25(fri) presentation at The Cave in Milan
- 11/26(sat) at The Lift in Milan

concerts :
LIG Art Hall 11/03(thur) pm8:00, 11/05(sat) pm5:00 - Alex Nowitz, Hans Koch, Nina Boas, dj. Sniff, Kwon Byungjun, Swann Che, Ryu Hankil, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong
sound installation : LIG Art Hall 11/03(thur), 11/05(sat)- Kwon Byungjun, Swann Che, Ryu Hankil, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong
STEIM workshops : LIG Art Hall(L-space) 11/01(tue) - Jon Reus, 11/04(fri) : Hans Koch, Frank Balde
artist talk+workshop : Kaywon Design and Art College 11/02(wed) - Alex Nowitz, Hans Koch, Nina Boas, dj. Sniff, Jon Reus, Frank Balde

Ryu Hankil, Hong Chulki+Kwon Yongman, Reframe Project-2011/10/29(sat) pm5:00 at Seoul Station 284 RTO space

Unseen Power of The Book Society - Ryu Hankil's Sound Installation
- 2011/10/24(mon)-10/30(sun) pm1:00~pm8:00 at Mullae Art Factory 1F studio M30, The Book Society
artist talk : 2011/10/29(sat) pm7:00 at The Book Society
sound performance : Breaking The Book Society!!! - Ryu Hankil, Lim Kyong Yong, Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki - 2011/10/30(sun) pm6:00 at Mullae Art Factory 1F studio M30

Lee Hangjun + Jerome Noetinger performing 'After Psycho Shower'
- 2011/10/28 pm8:00 at Bozar Electronic Music Festival, Studio of Centre for Fine Arts (Brussels)

Dotolim Concert_21: Ilan Volkov, Hong Chulki, Ryu Hankil
- 2011/10/08(sat) pm7:00 at Dotolim(02-707-3118. map) entrance fee: 10,000won

Dotolim Concert_20: David Palliser, Jin Sangtae
- 2011/09/25(sat) pm7:00 at Dotolim(02-707-3118. map) entrance fee: 10,000won

Dotolim Concert_19: Matthias Erian, Hong Chulki
- 2011/09/23(fri) pm8:00 at Dotolim(02-707-3118. map) entrance fee: 10,000won

UNCONSCIOUS ARCHIVES #2 2011/09/13(tue) pm8:00 at Apiary Studios, London
Lee Hangjun, Hugh Metcalfe, Ben Harper, Christo Wallers

Expanded Celluloid Extended Phonograph 'Goo(球/口) of 24fps/15Hz' - installation by Lee Hangjun, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong
- 2011/08/11~ 9/19 at Corner Gallery

'versus' vol.4 published by Gallery Factory also availabe at The Book Society
contributors: Kim Nuiyeon, Na Kim, Nam Suhwan, Park Jaeyong, Park Junseok, Park Hwalsung, Yu Jiwon, Lee Hangjun, Lee Hwa, Lim Kyungyong, Cho Youngil, Cho Jaewon, Choi Sunghun+Park Sunmin,Choi Joonyong, Hong Bora, Karl Nawrot

UK Tour - Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong
2011/08/31 pm8:00 at The Upper Lounge at The Caroline of Brunswick in Brighton with Daniel Jones, Patrick Farmer, Paul Khimasia Morgan, Stephen Cornford
2011/09/01 pm8:00 at The Cumberland Arms in Newcastle with Jamie Allen, Adam Parkinson, Alessandro Altavilla
2011/09/02 pm8:30 at Club Room, University of Glasgow Music Department in Glasgow with Nick Fells, Neil Davidson
2011/09/03 pm6:00 VISION SOUND MUSIC at Southbank Centre in London
playing 'After Psycho Shower' - 16mm film multi-projection live performance by Lee Hangjun, music by Lee Hangjun, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong

Music Socialism at Cafe Mari in Myungdong -2011/08/27(sat) pm7:30
- 냠냠, 꿈에 카메라를 가져올걸, Murmur's Loom, Tenderign, Dydsu, Astronoise+Madame Jang

Lee Hangjun's performance 'Film Walk' 2011/08/26(fri) pm7:00 at Gallery Factory ('versus' #4 publishing event)

Expanded Celluloid, Extended Phonograph - audio-visual performance by Lee Hangjun, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyongat Mullae Art Factory 2F(box theater), admission fee: 1 day 10,000won, reservation for 2 days 15,000won
- 2011/08/19(fri) pm6:30: The Cracked Share, Nebula Rising screening by Lee Hangjun, pm7:30: solo performanceby Lee Hangjun, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong
- 2011/08/20(sat) pm7:30: After Psycho Shower
16mm film multi-projection live performance by Lee Hangjun, music by Lee Hangjun, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong

Project Fukushima! 2011/08/15(mon) pm4:00 at Yogiga Gallery
- Kawaguchi Takahiro, SLP, Sato Yukie, Lee Hanjoo, Jo Young Min, Lee Bong Kyo, Ryu Hankil, Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong...

Takahiro Kawaguchi + Choi Joonyong Contemporary Non-Music vol.4 presented by Art Space Donquixote 2011/08/12(fri) pm6:30 at Suncheon Confucian Temple

Mujanhyang : Takahiro Kawaguchi, Lee Hangjun, Choi Joonyong - solo performances and talk i<Whales, Time DIver>
- 2011/08/13(sat) pm4:00 at National Theater Company of Korea,admission fee: 10,000won

Imaginary Impedance: improvised noise structures unstable sound vibrations - 2011/07/28(thur) at Ccottddang
Kanta Horio, Matthias ErianJamie Allen, Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong, 무혜, 윤재민, 정진아

Korean Avantgarde@KU CInematheque : screening of short films by 'Goksa' The Uncompromising Cinema Party - 2011/07/29(fri) pm7:30 at KU Cinemathegue
films : Light and Class(music: Astronoise), Critical Density(music: Hong Chulki), Suicidal Variations(music: Hong Chulki), digression/degression(with live performance by Astronoise+Madame Jang)

Acoustic Subtraction - 2011/07/16(sat) pm6:30 at 문화의 거리 한옥글방 in Suncheon
presented by Art Space Donquixote, 순천시 살고싶은 도시만들기 지원센터
Jamie Allen, Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae, Hong Chulki

'Peace like a River' openinperformance: HonChulkiRenata Suicide,
- 2011/07/01(fri) pm7:00 at EMU

MULLAE RESONANCE 국제사운드아트 창작워크숍
- opening performance : 2011/06/21(tue) pm6:00, exhibition : 2011/06/21~2011/07/03 am10:00~pm7:00 at Mullae Art Factory 2F(box theater)
Jamie Allen, Jez Riley French, Bernhard Garnicnig, Ryu Hankil, Hong Chulki, and 15 workshop participants

Listening to the extreme vol.5 : Choi Joonyong's solo performance "break. believe"
- 2011/06/22(wed) pm7:30 at The Book Society
,entrance fee: 5,000won

Dotolim Concert_18: Joo Won Park, Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae
- 2011/06/25(sat) pm7:00 at Dotolim(02-707-3118. map) entrance fee: 10,000won

Dotolim Concert_17: Jez Riley French, Hong Chulki, Choi Joonyong
- 2011/06/18(sat) pm7:00 at Dotolim(02-707-3118. map) entrance fee: 10,000won

초여름밤의 노이즈- 2011/06/03(fri) pm7:00 at 계원디자인예술대학 정보관 지하 1층 007호 사운드랩
- Ryu Hankil, Hong Chulki, Sung Ki Wan, JJ, Quarkpop, Yoo Tae Wook, 선들

Contemporary Non-Music vol.2 - 2011/05/21(sat) pm7:30 at Art Space Donquixote
- Ryu Hankil, Lee Hangjun, Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki

performance of selected parts from Treatise

by Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae, Ryu Hankil - 2011/05/29(sun) pm6:00 at
Yi Sang's House

Dotolim Concert_16: For Tomorrow : Whose Silence Is Darker? Whose White Frame Is Louder?
- performance by Lee Hangjun,Hong Chulki - 2011/05/14(sat) pm7:00 at Dotolim(02-707-3118. map) admission fee: 10,000won

2011 전국자립음악가대회 <뉴타운 컬처파티 51+> - 2011/04/29(fri)~30(sat) at Duriban, 걷고 싶은 거리
- astronoise 18:10~18:50 at Duriban 3F

Contemporary Non-Music vol.1 - 2011/03/26(sat) pm7:00 at Art Space Donquixote
- Ryu Hankil, Lee Hangjun, Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki

Listening to the extreme vol.4 - 2011/03/18(fri) pm7:30 at The Book Society
- Ryu Hankil, Lee Hangjun, Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki

new solo cassette released by HANSON RECORDS
also available at The Book Society in Seoul

new release 'Dotolim' from Balloon & Needle

Choi Joonyong's new album'I am scratching a cd in a room' fromReductive
also available at The Book Society in Seoul

Choi Joonyong's new album 'Burn Yoido Burn' from Ghost and Son

After Psycho Shower 16mm film multi-projection live performance by Lee Hangjun, music by Hong Chulki & Choi Joonyong
- 2011/02/26(sat) midnight at
gogo2 with many rock bands and djs

Paal Nilssen-Love, Lasse Marhaug live in Seoul - 2011/02/13(sun) pm8:00 at Seoul Art Space Mullae
guest: Jin Sangtae & dydsu, Lee Hangjun(16mm film multi-projection) performing After Psycho Shower and After Smoking(with Choi Joonyong)

Lasse Marhaug live in Seoul - 2011/02/18(fri) pm8:00 at Seoul Art Space Mullae
guest: Hong Chulki, Ryu Hankil & Joe Foster

Europe tour

(Hong, Choi, Lee, Jin, Ryu)
Balloon and Needle: The New Korean Avant Garde - presented by Sound and Music/Cafe Oto (London, 2011/01/20~22)
with special guest Bennedict Drew on 1/22

(Hong, Choi, Ryu)
All Ears Festival 2011 (Oslo, 2011/01/15)
live performance at Ny Musikk (Oslo, 2011/01/14)
live performance at OT301 - collaboration between STEIM, LIG Arts Foundation & OT301 (Amsterdam, 2011/01/19)
live performance at Blockhaus DY.10 - presented by Set 30' & Cable# (Nantes, 2011/01/26)
live performance at Instants Chavires (Paris, 2011/01/27)

(Hong, Choi, Lee, Ryu)
live performance presented by Espace Multimedia Gantner (Belfort, 2011/01/23)

(Hong, Choi, Jin, Ryu)
Dorkbot Paris #26 at La Generale (Paris, 2011/01/29)
live performance at l'ECURIE presented by Cave12 (Geneva, 2011/01/30)
live performance at Echoraum (Vienna, 2011/01/31~02/01)

(Hong, Choi, Jin)
live performance at Jason Kahn's Atelier (Zurich, 2011/02/02)

live perfomance at The Roundy with Han-earl Park(guitar) and Jeffrey Weeter(drums) (Cork, 2011/01/24)
live performance Quiet Que Vol.41 (Berlin, 2011/01/26)
live performance at The Lift (Milano, 2011/01/27)

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